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FIFA 21 will cut controversial celebrations from the game

  • Electronic Arts, the developer of the popular football game FIFA, has decided to ditch the "toxic" goal celebration of the latest iteration of its marquee product, FIFA 21. Players will no longer be able to use the "shushing" celebration after scoring. It is often used to stall the game and laugh at the expense of opponents.

    Eurogamer reported on Wednesday that the two celebrations missing, and more may be withdrawn prior to the FIFA 21 launched in October. In online games, the player who has given up a goal forced to watch the celebration; that "Shush" The celebration was aggravating as was done with the player walks, the goal-scoring will be used to extend the current and antagonize their opponents.

    The "A-OK" celebration introduced in FIFA 20 and lift straight "Challenge" post-touchdown pose Dele Alli, which went viral after Spurs midfielder scored in the win over Newcastle in 2018. OK gesture which involves lifting a person's eyes and peered through O. In addition, our site 5mmo.com has a large quantity of safe FIFA 21 Coins For Sale.

    The A-OK celebration, on ​​the other hand, is not as clear deletion targets. However, the attitude that incorporates into it - someone who connects the index finger and thumb in a circle, and let the rest of their fingers extending straight outward - has been used in hatred symbology in the past, and gestures such as A-OK celebrations have removed from some titles, particularly Warzone. There is a possibility EA just trying to get out ahead of potential controversy by removing the previous celebration, which seems like a smart move given FIFA 20 has dozens of options Total celebration - one can not be missed, especially one with potentially problematic association.

    FIFA 21 will also implement measures to save the new time to prevent players from playing in online games, such as limiting the amount of time during the sequence like a corner and a penalty kick. certain cinematics, including scenes of the team walked back to their side of the field the following goals will also be shortened or removed entirely to create an online experience that is more subtle.