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Main Features Of Flat Screen Printing Machine

  • The main features and application scope of screen printing machine

           The full name of Flat Screen Printing Machine is "screen printing machine". It is a device that prints solder paste or patch glue onto PCB pads through a screen. Mainly used in the electronic processing industry, the silk screen logo of printed circuit boards, the logo of the instrument shell panel, the solder paste printing in the process of circuit board processing, etc. Screen printing machines are divided into vertical screen printing machines, inclined arm screen printing machines, rotary screen printing machines, four-column screen printing machines and automatic screen printing machines.

     main feature:


       1. The unique frequency conversion speed control device of the screen printing machine, the printing speed is from 20 to 70 prints per minute;


      2, the electronic counter can accurately pre-adjust the counting time, and the total number will automatically stop;


      3. The screen printer has a multi-color printing electric eye device, fine-tuning the operation, accurate point and color, and improve printing quality;


      4. The screen printing machine is suitable for printing large-area background colors, fine characters, and outline points, all of which are clear and bright without fading;


      5. Good ink adhesion, thick ink layer, non-fading, non-fading, good weatherability, bright color;


      6. ​​The screen printing machine can be connected to UV dryer/coating die-cutting machine/slitting machine/cutter/rewinding machine or used alone;


      7, Stenter adopts the world's best built-in servo motor, humanized design, which is convenient for operation;


       8. The operation is easy to reduce the high unit price printing material loss during trial version.