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Flat Screen Printer Technical Features


    The printing method of Flat Screen Printer belongs to open hole printing, which is four different printing methods from flat printing, letterpress and intaglio printing. Aperture printing includes copying, engraving, jet printing and screen printing. Its basic principle is: In the printing process, the ink passes through a certain pressure and enters the substrate through the holes of the stencil to form images or text. In fact, in the printing industry, a fully automatic screen printing machine is widely used.

    The main features of the screen printing technology of the automatic screen printing machine are as follows:
    1. All kinds of inks can be used for screen printing on automatic screen printing machines. That is, oily, water-based, synthetic resin emulsion, powder and other inks.
    2. The layout of the screen printing layout of the automatic screen printing machine is soft. Screen printing is soft and flexible. It is not only suitable for soft materials such as paper and cloth, but also for hard materials such as glass and ceramics.
    3. The full-automatic screen printer has low printing force. Because printed matter uses less pressure, it is also suitable for fragile items.
    4. The ink layer of the screen printing plate on the automatic screen printing machine is thick and the cover is good.
    5. It is not limited by the surface shape and area of ​​the substrate.
    As mentioned above, the Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine can not only print on flat surfaces, but also on curved or spherical surfaces; it is not only suitable for small objects, but also for large objects. The printing method is flexible and has a wide range of applications.