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Roblox said that the company is postponing its initial public

  • Roblox Epic Minigames Points Roblox has acquired Loom.ai for an undisclosed price to enable its users to create realistic 3D avatars. In addition  Roblox said that the company is postponing its initial public offering to 2021 according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.Loom.ai surfaced in 2016 with the goal of automating the creation of 3D avatars from a single selfie. Today Roblox said Loom.ai enables real-time facial animation tech using deep learning neural networks computer vision and visual effects.Roblox has more than 36 million daily active users in its virtual world where players create their own games and experiences.

    Roblox Epic Minigames Coins Ryan’s World is expanding to Roblox. The hit YouTube channel is launching its own virtual world inside the popular kids game which allows players to create their own spaces and activities.Players will be able to drop into a sprawling digital world inspired by the YouTube show and explore a racecourse a fire station a beach and a school among other locations. There’s also a Rainbow Road-esque path into space and a strange box labeled “MYSTERY PETS.” The game world is supposed to launch on December 5th at 1PM ET.Roblox has been around for more than a decade but the game’s popularity has soared since the beginning of the pandemic.

    Lil Nas X performed to an audience of millions across two days and four shows this weekend playing in a setting that literally made him larger than life: the hit kids game Roblox. The shows gathered 33 million views in total across the performances which started on Saturday afternoon and wrapped up with a surprise encore performance on Sunday Roblox told The Verge. The identical shows starred a motion-captured incarnation of Lil Nas X styled to fit in with a world that shifted to match each of the four songs he performed.