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Stats I level up as much as you can: Agility

  • Background info. Combat Level: 101. Budget: 7m cash. Stats I'm not planning to OSRS gold train as a member: Farming, thieving, hunter, summoning, fletching, herblore. Stats that I would train: Slayer, Construction

    Stats I level up as much as you can: Agility. Time limit: 1 month. (Un)fortunately, the tests have ended, and I am back on my runescape adventure . Planning to change my title, and decided that I might as well grab a skillcape for a skill while I am doing this. In the end, I can not pay for a permernent membership, therefore 1 month is all I have. I have set a few goals for myself, and hoping to achieve them in that one month.

    Aims for 1 month. 1. Receive a name change (simple ). 2. Receive a skillcape, so that I can return back into F2P without feeling I've wasted $18 of my money on just a title change. (Easy to buy one) 3, Get a skill in 99 so that I can find a skillcape. (Really hard, based on the ability ) 4. Do some random member stuff and level my range. (Moderate difficulty) 5. Earn lots of cash (Kind-of-easy)

    Mainly #3 is the problem, since I don't have any skills in the 90's. Thus, I've chose my highest combat stat are the one that I snag a skillcape. Chosen skill: Strength (As usual) Current Level and Exp: 88 within this article, 4.385m. Exp Left to 99 str: 8.6m thereabouts. My plans to acquire a 99. Total Monkey Madness quest, buy and wield a Dragon Scimitar, and use it to train strength till 99. I will be training on armoured zombies or bandits, whichever I find more healthy, not to mention, easy to sustain for long periods of training.

    Is Dscim great for training strength, or should I buy another weapon? Is is possible to even become 8m exp within that 1 month? After getting that skillcape (I trust:box:-RRB-, I wish to buy RuneScape gold work in my range. Because of time constraints, I can not afford to chimp nor spend money on a canon(balls), so I had been considering having a rune c'bow and working my range up to a high level level.