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  • Last night was a fun night when I played Madden 21. It started very innocently because I participated in the practice of the online franchise team while waiting for my friend and opponent to start the game this week.In the "Franchise" mode, Madden 21's matchmaking is very far away, requiring two pla...
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EA waits Madden NFL 21 reveal trailer in solidarity with BLM pr

  • If anything this shows you why they released a broken product. The men and women who buy don't read/care what the web thinks. Disappointed in the sports community but honestly. . .where else can they go if this is their sole alternative? The majority of the sports game fan don't read reviews before they buy. A lot of them literally just play that game for the whole calendar year. It is the same for FIFA. Lots use their playstation as essentially a FIFA machine. Imagine if Fromsoftware created a half-baked Souls game. The lovers would still buy it since it's nevertheless a Souls game. Makes sense if you consider it that way. It's like three hours and nothing about it's distinctive from Mut 21 coins all of the other New Super Mario Bros. games. Yet, I purchased it, and so didn't countless other players.

    Maximum Football 2020 releases after this month. It frankly compares to overdue Xbox/early 360 graphically but it really has customization and depth unlike Madden. Honstely if your only game in town it is not like anybody has a choice just I'm just glad madden didn't have to stick around and watch his name butchered. Unfortunately Madden & FIFA are games which are review-immune due to mixture of licensing / casual market reach. I get the impression Avengers will also fall into this category. The NFL & FIFA respectively do not require enough flak with this. They have to see that their audience isn't happy but do not change to non-exclusive licensing anyhow. Last year's I stopped enjoying per month in I had the EA ace left until yesterday I did not reup. I didnt enjoy 20 or 21.

    it is a logical choice by EA. Even if they're only after political points. The NFL and Madden have a large African American fandom, combined with being basically a US exclusive product with minimal global appeal. Perhaps not the best time to fall advice when one of your biggest demographics & just market is on literal fire. From an advertising/marketing stage, theyve done this quite a few times (smaller scale) to get Battlefront 2. The CM said theyre looking to create the most spalsh as possible. If people are outside protesting = less viewers. And furthermore, lower internet participation. On most social media it's impossible to talk about anything but the protests at the moment. They want people talking about the reveal but that would be spelled out by the much larger news right now. Selecting a side of this fence means likely alienating some investors, board members, partners and clients. Consumers watch EA for some of the dumb shit they do with buy Madden nfl 21 coins games that they develop and publish, but they do not see what they do for causes such as equality and workplace diversity (they've actually been awarded in multiple years). They're really super progressive internally and should be praised for that. It is easy to be cynical about this sort of thing, but they could just have easily prevented making a statement. Yo, thanks for sharing that information. That is awesome on EA's part. Regardless of how folks feel about their games we should praise them for their progressive activities. I'm surprised that I am just NOW hearing relating to this. I truly want the gaming community will step up and start caring a lot more about things like this.