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I prefer continuous income/drops that way

  • That I HAVE done (And love) Unicows. 3 in the event that OSRS gold you have the Ardy Cape, use it, if not, get it. Since these fall Unicorn Horns 100% of the time you ALWAYS profit. You may never not gain from these, even when you are a idiot and suck at Runescape, you can profit from Unicows.

    I prefer continuous income/drops that way I have some kind of organization going on, where I'm not confused as to if I will profit (Being uncertain annoys me) I'd say that Unicows are much better, only because: No expertise in Bandos throne room myself to really compare. Odds to gain are more continuous killing Unicows. Besides the pursuit, and being able to kill a lvl 25, there's hardly any requirements for utilizing the Tower of Life. As to using Bandos throne room, I suppose there is afew pursuit that are of moderate difficulty, and you need either high def, or prayer (And money.) There's NO WAY people can steal your kills at Unicows, because you summon the beast, and only you can kill it. ASSUMING individuals can steal kills at Bandos throne room since from the guide I read, it said you could bring a friend along with you to assist...

    Avansies are good money (And Xp) from 70+ Range, so I do not know why you are not getting at least 300k a hour. If you're getting that, and whining, then nothing in RS is great enough for you. But here is other things I've discovered to be adequate money manufacturers...

    Green Dragons at Chaos Tunnels, as soon as you're able to locate a world with no bot murdering everything. Clan Wars is getting too crowded. Fire Giants in Waterfall Dung will also be good money/Xp. Zammorack Warriors (That PaladinPker enjoys apparently) are located in the Chaos Tunnels and drop Rune Scims essentially every kill. I've been there in my main, and on my own pure. I utilized the Prayer Pot system on my Pure, although I really could just tank the hits on my main (This was with 99 Def.) Ghostly Warriors or w/e they are called at the portal following Spirit of Summer are also nice. I used the same method in my pure to kill them as Zammy Warriors. I'm not sure what way that you use (Prayer/Tanking), because I've never had experience with Zerkers.

    Jangerberry/Whiteberry/Ranar/alternative respawning things that need no skills. Brine Rats in case you've done the quest that provides DEF Xp!? So pissed that I can not do it on my pure. Really like those things. If you really do As a First Resort and chop Eucloypus (I know I spelled that horribly wrong, forgive me) facsimile and Old School RuneScape Gold bank at Oolog, it is great cash (Better than Yews I think.) Time for a few generic answers: Hunting Red Chins/ / Implings/Barrows/GWDS/ / Slayer/Dag Kings/Corp/KBD/etc, etc.. Things everyone understand, but still do not do them.