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  • The "SWTOR Story" is a rich chronology of events, describing a large number of events in the past ten years of game development. It is based on other games, comics and video games from thousands of years of ancient history. Recently, creative director Charles Boyd (Charles Boyd) stepped forward to c...
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From what I understand a black screen difficulty is associated

  • From what I understand a black screen difficulty is associated with OSRS gold an older version of coffee. Are you ever updated coffee? Are you running the most recent version of your web browser? In the case that upgrading java along with your webbrowser does not fix it, please answer the following so we might be of more help: What operating system are you using? What webbrowser are you using? Have you ever been able to play runescape before? Additionally you will attempt to tweak the images options before logging in to the game, located in the upper right hand corner on the login screen.

    Magic, for you personally. . But it'd be quite slow with this particular method. . (9kish every ) and then alch them. They alch for 9.3k ea. . Following nats cost, thts still 100-150 gp, per alch... Per alch gives 63 exp or so. Lets say u need 12.5mil exp to get 99 mage. Thats approx 198413 alchs. U can get 1200 alchs each hr, if ur committed. U actually earn a gain of 19.8mil, to 29.7mil by getting 99 mage. . In other words it will take 330.5 days to buy all the staffs u need for 99 mage... Although u only need alch for around 5 hrs a day, for 30 days to get 99 mage. If u wish to buy all of the staffs b4 u start alching them. . 30mil wont cut it... Actually ull need approx: 1,984,130,000 gp to buy all of the staffs needed to get 99 mage... So only buy as much as u can for 30m, alch, and place the order . Someone is trying to hack my account (because of that fact that I have recieved 5 official e-mails out of runescape) stating that someone is trying to recover my password - that I am not doing. This has induced me to alter my details - lender pin, safety concerns, registered e-mail and password. I've even transfered all of my tradeable things to my secondary account just to keep them secure just in case. I have a feeling it is because someone seen me game wearing full dragon armour on a pursuit, maybe?

    I don't utilize any form of bot, so I understand its not a hack effort from one of these as I have never even contemplated downloading . So here is my question, is there anything else I could do to create my accounts more secure? I have AVG anti virus and Ad-Aware software, and'm using a basic windows firewall. (I also have other anti-computer hack programs that I am not likely to make public). Virus scan has been performed yesterday, found nothing. I am starting to get somewhat worried now, this really is my main account and I dont want to lose it. Thanks in advance!

    In all honesty there is no reason to RS 2007 Gold raise any skills prior to going to membership, as coaching any ability is simpler with a membership. For low level skills, you've got significantly less crowded skilling areas. For higher level skills, you've got more choices to train. When it is an alternative, get membership right away.