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    Đăng bởi Dragon born
      The Jailer growls and throws a puddle of spit all over the floor. Why am I here? You are an individual. Humans not welcome here. Would you be willing to let me go if I were a demon? There is no demon in you! Keep quiet and sit in the corner. You'll need to use other methods then. You will ha...
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He could be the most intelligent participant

  • He could be the most intelligent participant but the most incompetent game manager. They are not mutually exclusive. I am not saying he certainly is incompetent, but my impression from WOW TBC Gold the interviews he did is that he don't know what the players want or he is in a position where he's at the stage of no return and wind up doubling down and defending the game designs.

    He grey parses in raid, and maybe runs 1-3 mythic plus dungeons a week even early in spots while his guild funnels him gear likely.

    He absolutely lives in a bubble, and now I am convinced he can't understand that as many cannot who live in these bubbles but the man is very smart, it just doesn't apply to his existing occupation .

    Once upon a time that his guilds website was THE place for knowing what goes on under the hood of this match, and that was spear headed by Ion himself and we believed we wanted someone like him to shoot ghostcrawlers seat in the table... However, it turns out that simply because you are really knowledgeable about something doesn't mean you should be in control of it.

    For example say you've got the best doctor in the world at your clinic, or best mechanic in your store or whatever... Why would you prevent them from doing that exactly what they are clearly incredible at to cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold do something similar to running the hospital or shop? You wouldn't, so why did people do this with Ion?