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It didnt happen in bfa - we sucked there too drama wise

  • It didnt happen in bfa - we sucked there too drama wise, we had some raidtiers where we were midst of the pack rather than bottom third, but thats it. They eventually de-reworked the whole spec into a better version of the pre-legion gamestyle (gameplaywise) and then just never buffed us to be more aggressive in raids. I think they just have some very dedicated designers for some classes and specs, and the ones that are always abandoned and ignored just dont have somebody who wants it to WOW TBC Gold succeed, so they just get looked at sparingly and get a 5% buff here and there.

    Wait wait wait wait. I ceased playing back during Cataclysm, and that had been a meme back then cause it was literally at the WOTLK trailer. I have kept up only a tiny bit over the years and completely forgot about this haha

    As somebody who had to give up playing classic as a result of insufficient time, it has its flaws, since it's a really old game now, but it did a lot too. It didn't have a whole lot of throwaway pieces. Everything in classic has been essentially required, in order to operate somewhere else in classic. I haven't really seen a match with systems that incorporated since then.

    Meanwhile, I haven't gotten any new expansions because legion. Why? Because the game keeps chugging along, but I don't feel like it is improved. I didn't even enjoy Legion that much. It had been nice, but I was not excited. Hilariously, I loved MoP, because I loved the side stuff (but maybe not a great deal of those dailies).

    I don't think any expansion since MOP actually improved on buy TBC Classic Gold the match. It is essentially the exact same game it's been for quite a while, but with a hard to swallow narrative (I kind of lost track of exactly what occurred after MoP,) new zones, and some surface level material switched round and lost after the last expansion. If anything, it keeps gaining difficulties and plot holes.