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Chargers: Joey Bosa's Madden22 rating gives room for expansion

  • EditionThe start of every NFL season, EA releases Madden 22. The game is especially thrilling for LA Chargers fans, as Justin Hebrert will have a significantly higher ratings than he did as Mut 22 coins rookie player in Madden 21. This makes it a thrilling game.

    Herbert's rating has not yet been known as ratings are slowly released. Two Charger players, Joey Bosa (and Keenan Allen) have been rated.

    Allen who is 93 in total is among the league's top ten wide receivers. For as much as Keenan Allen is feared, this is a great surprise.

    Joey Bosa's Madden 22 rating is good, but there's room for improvement for the LA Chargers' edge rusher.
    Joey Bosa is a Madden 22 left outside linebacker that is a 92 overall (he used to be a left-end in previous editions, however the LA Chargers switching to a 3-4) defense has changed him to an outside-side linebacker. I would be hard-pressed to not be happy with the grade Bosa received as he is one of the top edge rushers in the league.

    Bosa realizes that this isn't the case. Bosa could be cheapest madden 22 coins in the upper 90s by the end of the season and Madden makes adjustments to his ratings. It is not surprising if Bosa was rated in the second spot behind Aaron Donald as a defensive lineman.