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My main issue to date is that it seems

  • If they could make the numbers go up to the point where they had to squish them to be comprehensible again, that was a pretty clear sign that the game had pretty much ended.

    I'm currently playing FF14 to date. I was a massive fan of WOW TBC Gold FF in the past, but my interest has diminished with time. I play it almost everyday, but not for long. I'm just not as enthralled.

    My main issue to date is that it seems I've spent my time running around and reading but nothing other. To date, I'm at level 13 and am hoping to enjoy it more with each level.

    The story picks up from 20 to 22 you get a mount and take on your first primary. It's quite enjoyable until 50. The end can be a little confusing based on the patch you are using and your xpac. Although the content can be entertaining at times, it can be boring. The mini games and activities are fantastic, however, you will need to play at least 30 times before you can start.

    The way I feel too. It's a great alternative for WoW. Kudos to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold everyone who plays it. It's not The Other Big MMO, and it doesn't necessarily mean that every player should be playing it.