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Difference between NOC and a SOC?

  • While the NOC focuses on network performance and availability, a Security Operations Center (SOC) is made up of tools and staff who monitor, detect and analyze the security status of an organization 24x7x365.


    NOC technicians are looking for problems that could impede network speed and availability, while SOC technicians are tasked with eradicating cyber security threats and responding to attacks. SOC also focuses on protecting customer data and intellectual property. NOCs tend to manage common and natural network events, where SOCs almost always respond to external threats directed to the corporate network.


    Both the NOC and SOC perform critical functions for the organization: identifying, investigating and solving problems and both work hard to resolve them quickly before they affect the business. In addition, both tend to operate in a similar way using a hierarchical approach to solving accidents. However, they focus on very different issues. Consequently, the skills, knowledge and approaches of the staff of both groups are also different. A NOC engineer must understand the details of monitoring and administration of the network and applications, while a SOC analyst will focus solely on security.


    Having said that, SOC and NOC should work together to resolve major accidents and resolve crises, so the two teams should not be isolated. Surprisingly, nearly a third of companies report little to no contact between the NOC and SOC, and another twenty percent say that teams only work together during emergencies, according to SANS research. However, experts are pushing for better NOC / SOC integration. The integration of the two, even if they remain widely separated on a daily basis, begins with the establishment of operating procedures, the automation of certain actions and the adoption of tools that allow the collection and sharing of network monitoring data through NOC and SOC.