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130690-070 Air Jordan 12 University Gold to release on July 24t

  • Air Jordan 1 has always been one of the most popular shoes in the sneaker circle, but the price is generally quite high. In contrast, the mid-top version of Air Jordan 1 Mid is not only similar in appearance, but also cost-effective. Air Jordan 1 Mid uses gray and white as the main tone, with black laces and black Nike Swoosh Logo. In the low-top version, black is the main tone, supplemented by white, gray and white embellishments to complete the design of the entire pair of shoes.
    Buy The Sneaker, The mid-top version of this Air Jordan 1 has white leather on the upper, while light smoky gray falls on the leather cover. In addition, we also used Black, Wings logos, liners, tongue tags and laces on the Swoosh. The white midsole matches the gray rubber outsole perfectly. Air Jordan 1 is always one of the most well-known shoe types in the shoe circle, but the price is a bit expensive. The whole pair of shoes is mainly black, white, and gray, and the leather material is used to create the upper. Both the appearance and the texture are the same as last year. The scratch-off Air Jordan 1 is very similar to the upcoming Dior x Air Jordan 1.
    Jordan Release 2020, The most important work in this year's sneaker circle is undoubtedly the Air Jordan 1 jointly created by Dior and Jordan Brand. The color scheme is mainly white and gray, and the appearance is very similar to the Dior joint name. The black lace system, Swoosh and flying wing logo embellishment make the visual impact of the whole color matching more eye-catching, and the upper foot is also more versatile.