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How will Stadia handle current gen to next gen migrations

  • Let's not overlook that NBA2K is printed by precisely the exact same company that sold a GOLD Edition XCOM2 to get 90$ when NBA 2K was just like 35$ and a few months later went like - oh yes, the sole DLC that truly changes anything at NBA 2K is gont be 30$ AND IT'S NOT GONNA BE INCLUDED IN THE GOLD EDITION. Have fun with all the 10$ value of NBA 2K21 MT for sale content you paid twice NBA 2K's price for! 2K's been money milking over Overkill did with Payday2, but atleast the"counterpart for Ronnie" from OVK went and printed a video such as - tune, we making payday3 but we fucking brokewe resuming support for Payday2 and creating some previous shit dlc soy'all can throw us a few bucks and we dont danger 505Games literally auctioning* (I cant sort ) our asses to the best offer if PD3 doesent violate the market - (PSA: I may have used hyperboles for the last part but that was the meaning, okay?)

    Does anyone else feel like these only putting Kobe about the 99 version is sort of utilizing kobe's passing to increase profit? Yeah but why just put kobe on this one? They know people want kobe stuff right now. "how can we get more people to buy the legend variant this year instead of price? The last few years there's always been a legend variant with a legend about the cover and the normal edition with a current day NBA player, why should they change that today?

    And that on earth spends 30 to 40 dollars more just due to a pay, I really don't see how that could affect anyone's decision to either buy the base game or the legend edition (and in the event that you really would like to have that pay, just print it on your own or visit your regional printing shop). Imagine the outrage they would have had to deal with when Kobe wasn't about the legend variant cover. 2K gamers DEMANDED that this should happen. I find no wrong together placing him about the legend variant, that is exactly what people wanted.

    How will Stadia handle current gen to next gen migrations?

    Does anybody have any insight about how Stadia will manage next gen migrations this season? It's up to Google to tell us. The next gen versions look to be constructed from the ground up instead of a patch like Xbox One X and PS4 versions of games on the base consoles. I feel as this is an opportunity for google to show off the way they can easily integrate next gen...

    There's nothing holding back Stadia out of"next-gen", they could be next-gen today, they could've been next-gen when they released. There's absolutely 0 motive to wait for the new consoles to release to buy 2K21 MT suddenly be in a position to become"next-gen", not at least because it has nothing to do with Stadia. "Next-gen" matches designed for XSX or PS5 won't do Stadia any good. They will still be PC games restricted to a graphics setting.