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Turn on PSO2 and look at the company logos that pop up

  • Even so, in my mind there's doubt where before I believed this was a slam dunk. I have dropped real money on PSO2, so I'm crossing my fingers pretty hard now. Also on a side note, I'm hoping for a pso2 sales direct launch over something like Steam. JP is a release. I don't have any need to possess PSO2 tied to some other program. Keep in mind the only reason we have PSO2 in the west is because Microsoft is handling the accounts system. There are already Microsoft games on Steam that use XBOX Live integration, therefore I think it's fairly safe to assume that will be the situation here because Microsoft is PSO2's North American writer.

    Microsoft is not PSO2's writer, Sega is. Turn on PSO2 and look at the company logos that pop up. Microsoft does not appear anywhere except for the Microsoft accounts integration. I truly doubt the account system is why Sega didn't want to discharge in NA. That's insignificant for them. It seems a lot more probable that they didn't think PSO2 would bring to warrant localization expenses. With the alterations from Microsoft, Sega decided PSO2 would generate enough profit to be worthwhile.

    It will be interesting to see if a shop launch still utilizes Microsoft accounts. I for one am crossing but my feelings surely do not hold any influence. There are two reasons I believe we see a PSO2 release that's not connected to Microsoft accounts: We've got PSO2 account names which are separate. This implies Sega can allow logins to our PSO2 account. The tab in the top is for XBox Live Friends, After you go to the Buddy List in-game. It's highlightable with distance for tabs to be inserted next to it, although it's the only tab.

    There was. Episode 4 announcement and the roadmap said PSO2 is going to wind up on'PC platforms' and information mines reveal data related to Steam. Is it really though? I figure datamined about steam is sort of a confirmation but only going with"other programs" as a foundation isn't ANYwhere sufficient for any kind of affirmation about steam and most people only based it upon such. Imagine if this"other computer platform" was really like Epic? (fk don't jinx me this though I don't need that to happen.) I mean, does SEGA really have a lot of presence on other PC platforms? SEGA does not actually do standalone releases in the West anymore and their main PC platforms have been Steam, Humble Bundle (though actual download is via Steam mind you) along with the Microsoft / Xbox Store.

    In the very least we might see a few of the bundles like PSO1 content wind and the Sonic collab up there, but thats about it. A standalone client is. something unlikely personally; SEGA IDs are not actually a thing in the West and it may be too late now to present it so that I have a theory how matters may return. Microsoft games using Xbox Live on cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta Steam usually have it as an optional item if you would like cross playwith. PSO2 JP on PS4 and Switch Cloud already have the"Easy Logic" attribute that lets you start playing with no SEGA ID and allow you to bind it at a subsequent point. After bound, your PSN / Switch account are bound to a SEGA ID. I believe a Steam release may do the same but.