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  • It has been a very busy year for the people at CPP Games, and this is the team behind the epic science fiction MMORPG EVE Online and its upcoming mobile game EVE Echoes. This game looks absolutely amazing and has the potential to become a truly special mobile MMORPG. I think EVE Echoes deserves your...
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They ought to say if jumpshot or an animation changed

  • Patch notes are so dumb, why can't they simply write exactly what they changed? They ought to say if jumpshot or an animation changed. The glitches from NBA 2K21 are mad. A glitch was your jumpshot and dribble moves would reset to the default and they didn't fix it for so long and when they updated NBA 2K21 they stated they changed it. Said. They did not change it I had difficulties then. Play now online does not have custom rosters. I don't want to fucking go to my friends home them with an injury roll. I want an 2K21 MT option that makes me load into 2K in the playground so I do not have to go trough 7 hours of loading screens.

    That didn't make any difference. There is not a blacktop online for some reason I don't understand why I guess no one would play it but it's cool to have a 2v2 with friends and family from time to time And the hosts are only bad, I would just open 2K and go on mycareer but there's an issue with my link? Mine?? Playing with Jordan Rec with randoms is so stressful. They never pass. There ought to be some thing to make them pass more. Maybe double playmaking after not departure for an entire fucking year, the teammate grade or XP dropping? There are much courts.

    Like the court where you 1v1ed Kemba Walker or something. Allow it to be usuable in blacktop or even mycareer. Make them like courts in ace am 3v3 or blacktop or something do not just waste them. Isn't there any crossplay yet? I heard that playstation does not want to utilize xbox and other consoles however you've got crossplay on Minecraft, Fortnite, Rocket League and a lot more games. But not 2K? 2K would be much better if you could play it together with ALL your friends even the ones on a console that is different. And why was there even only a little bit hype for its wnba rosters.

    You can not do anything. You can't even edit them. I really don't know why they can't be edited by you it would be much better if they could be edited by you. There are like 3 animations that are ankle and becoming caked on cartoons that I want to see somebody getting dunked that their personality ragdolls on the ground and dies. Last year occasionally if you have postered you'd lay on the floor for 5-6 seconds. Create events. There are more events than last year and also the park changes a lot because of these events but if there isn't any event there's absolutely no reason. As it is on the newer consoles. So I am hoping for far way and better graphics and a decrease in loading times more to do in NBA 2K21.

    Yeah I am asking for way to much but including one (please include more than fucking one of these following year tho) of them would make NBA 2K21 much better. I'd be happy if they made fun. They don't even have to listen to my thoughts that it just has to be fun I'm giving them ideas. Myleague is among the worst gamemodes on 2K right now and it ought to be the one. Myteam is unplayable if you take a break. Animations are getting this year, changed far too much and way too fast. Sorry for my English being worse I am Dutch.Rather than matchmaking by overall which leads to all sorts of"entire cheese", create leagues or tiers depending on the jewel color of buy NBA 2K MT Coins the highest overall card in your lineup and rewards to reflect that grade or league. You are able to play in tier or the league above your gem but can't play under. They wouldn't be able to play against teams with a lineup consisting solely of Ruby and Sapphire players.