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It's an game so you know the lifespan will only be a year

  • I despise microtransactions like the guy. But since the NBA 2K21 MT Coins price of development are expensive but the price remained at $60. So that's why their are so microtransactions and DLC, game Companies are fighting. DLCs are fine as long as it is done right and companies dont even get too greedy. A fantastic example of is CDproject Red and Remedy. $15 for 5 to10 hour articles is fine. But greedy ass EA just keeps pushing it and shoving. With Microtransactions and gaming.

    I don't anticipate it but 2K was clever about this. Yes they make so much money for their virtual currency bullshit that everyone hates. Yes there will be tons of problems with NBA 2K21 most likely. Having said that 2K is one of the most popular franchises on earth like CoD. So many casual players play 2K that they won't care it's $70 because it is just $10 and they don't buy games every month. Plus it is NBA 2K21 that is enjoyable to play along with your buddies so you'll be more likely to get it as your friend(s) did. I'm not saying I'm happy for it was a good move for them to perform it.

    In all honesty, lots of new games have a higher price point. Taking a look at the past, even far enough back to when games were'only' $50, we are getting a lot more from (some) games. The problem is devs so they put to squeeze money from consumers like ads, mtx, season moves, dlc, and special editions.

    Arguably, this has functioned for most players as it allows a particular amount to be spent by consumers according to their investment together with NBA 2K21. Of course, there are plenty of completely valid arguments about lootboxes being gambling, deceptive marketing aimed at kids that don't know better, and cover to win scenarios, to name a few, so I am not saying that this is the best strategy, only it seems to be a kind of unholy alliance.

    The challenging thing is if we as players say we are willing to invest $70-$80 on NBA 2K21 without being specific in what we request, the result is NBA 2K21 such as NBA2K21, which I would argue is the worst case situation. It's an game so you know the lifespan will only be a year. It does not have any upgrade or smart delivery system aside from the $100 special edition, and that is a disgusting money catch playing the death of Kobe Bryant for people to fork over $30 ($40 of you count the cost hike) to buy 2K21 MT get some makeup, and you'll most certainly see advertisements and mtx in addition to all that.