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  • Th 7 lúc 06:01
    Đăng bởi BÙI MINH CHÁNH
    ????????Thông báo:Boss Uyên vừa có buổi họp với ban lãnh đạo công ty và các giám đốc đứng đầu các thị trường toàn cầu. Trong thời gian qua , Edunetwork chỉ là giai đoạn đầu khởi động,  hoàn thiện sản phẩm, làm quen thị trường để hiểu được văn hoá từng quốc gia, cũng như hiểu được mong muốn...
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I honestly associate Sheeps longer with new Zealand lol

  • Scout for a cannibal is Animal Crossing Bells For Sale slightly about, however...

    Demo is a dog because. . He yells balls around idk. Engi is Monkey. Sniper is a Kangaroo since Owls are only an npc species rather than a villager. Much like Spy, originally wished to create him a Camelion but again, those are npc's.

    You clearly do not play creature crossing lol, there are not any Shark villagers.

    Is Spy a kitty, kitsune, or fox? It looks like he is a cat but it'd make much more sense for him to be one of the others.

    You have the perfect animap for all of them and I applaude you for that. Notably fighter engineer, thats another level thinking.

    My main reason for making him an octopus was actually because their mouths kinda loon like gas masks! Plus it was the creature I could readily make them wear masks for lol

    I honestly associate Sheeps longer with new Zealand lol, I just made Demo a Dog since... idk actually. Thought it would be adorable and with the entire projectile/balls idea. And Heavy is a polar bear! I think I simply did the colours too creamy-ish instead of white:c

    Well, in the end they still look really nice, demo is still looking great, even when he is a puppy;-RRB- Heavy looks like he'd make a nice teddy bear plush. Would purchase. Animal Fortress: New Horizons

    I'll let you take care of buy Animal Crossing Bells this particular hat... Someday, return it as a great pirate (One Piece in Animal Crossing)