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  • Nintendo's FY3/2021 Q1 income statement is out, and one among the most important pieces of stories is that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has shifted a fantastic 22.4 million copies since launch – which, lest we forget, was March – 4 months ago. To give that some context, Mario Kart 8 De...
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  • One recommended item the honey extractor, which removes honey from the osrs gold comb looked like a pretty demanding do it yourself project and had no obvious counterparts lying around the house. So, at first, we thought we'd just do without it. Our initial attempt at harvesting honey, however, showed us our mistake.

    In Memphis, as it happened, the new environmental justice struggle was taken up almost immediately. It was fueled in 1992 by the EPA's designation of the Department of Defense Depot on Airways Boulevard as a Superfund site a tag reserved for the most heavily polluted locations in the country. The 632 acre area had been the military's go to dumping ground for all manner of chemical weapons and other toxic materials since the 1940s.

    But even if we were to assume that Indonesia has the funds to do this, the recent experiences of building thecapitals of Brasilia (Brazil) and Naypyidaw (Myanmar) also serve as warnings. Naypyidaw, built in such a manner with well planned highways and residential and commercial complexes, is described as a ghost town with the city failing to attract people. Brazil invested approximately$10.5 billionto shift the administrative capital to Brasilia from Rio de Janeiro, but has ended with a functional political capital that people don't want to migrate to.

    You are exactly correct that there is no Corvette group developing one engine and Silverado and Camaro group working on their own engines. But, what he was referring to was the fact that GM V8 powertrain TRIED and FAILED to be able to develop a large displacement, high revving NA replacement for the LS7 on the new "LT" architecture. It was announced that they had TRIED but were "unable to meet emission requirements", which is why the new Z06 has the LT4 instead of what it should have gotten which is a high revving NA powerplant that is so much better for track duty..

    Guild Wars 2 doesn't feature as many races or classes the game calls them professions as other MMO titles like World of Warcraft, but it also doesn't force players to take up a traditional trope filled role, either. You can play as a Warrior or a Thief, but they can be augmented with specializations that make them unlike anything else in the MMO space. With competitive options, traditional instanced dungeons, raids, and dynamic events influenced by how you play, there's something in Guild Wars 2 for just about everyone.

    My husband and our 2 year old daughter would like to spend 3 4 weeks this summer living in a Spanish speaking country. We would like it to be relatively cheap, safe, and ideally have some cool archeological stuff semi nearby. We've thought about Mexico, PR, and Costa Rica, but we'd love to get some specific suggestions from people who have done something similar.

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