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    Đăng bởi BÙI MINH CHÁNH
    ????????Thông báo:Boss Uyên vừa có buổi họp với ban lãnh đạo công ty và các giám đốc đứng đầu các thị trường toàn cầu. Trong thời gian qua , Edunetwork chỉ là giai đoạn đầu khởi động,  hoàn thiện sản phẩm, làm quen thị trường để hiểu được văn hoá từng quốc gia, cũng như hiểu được mong muốn...
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    About UsNot everyone could stay for the final day of FORM 2019. At the canyon campground just below the Arcosanti mesa, long lines of people lugging suitcases and camping supplies began to form early on Sunday morning. It's understandable, with so many attendees facing long drives home and work on Monday morning, but these responsible folks still deprived themselves of some of the best sets and programs the festival had to offer, from panel discussions on creative work and modern masculinity to a barn burning performance from emergency substitution Vieux Farka Tour among others.DJ KozeRelated StoriesMetal Masters Sunn O))) Playing Special Show at ArcosantiSetting the tone with a very chill '70s pop tune to start Kenny Rankin's "Peaceful" before moving into a trippy mix of psychedelic house, DJ Koze's set was perfectly suited to both the relaxed, hippy vibe of FORM and the languorous mood of a festival's Sunday night.

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    Any resources for me to look at?As someone who comes from a conservation background, seeing and feeling all the current and impending impacts of climate change are inducing panic, fear, and hopelessness in me. Seeing the backwards thinking of our (US) right wing politicians regarding the topic, among many other hot button issues that concern me, is making me question everything I'm doing and has gotten me feeling nihilistic. How can I remain more balanced? [more inside]on Jun 27, 2019.

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