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EVE Echoes Blasts Off With Developer Interview

  • With the launch window for eve echoes isk this challenging cellphone MMO now set in stone, we chose the opportunity to talk to some of the developers that created EVE Echoes possible. EVE Echoes is the end result of a strategic partnership between NetEase and CCP and marks a fresh spin off for an IP that has weathered the storm when it comes to online gambling. Driven by a love of the EVE universe and an extremely seasoned team in NetEase, EVE Echoes is set to squeeze all the excitement of the mainstay EVE experience onto iOS and Android apparatus this August.

    For CCPthis represents a huge divergence from their center clientele and it is not like DUST 541 was a chart-topping victory, so we asked if it was a challenging choice to start development of this mobile adventure.

    "This wasn't a tricky discussion in any way. EVE has existed for 20 years now and we have always looked to expand the universe on as many platforms as possible. We have clearly had DUST 541 and now we are searching to launch into cellular. Since EVE on the internet is such a big game with more than ten years of content, we do not underestimate how large an endeavour which makes EVE mobile. If we ever want to do something it needs to be up to those expectations and suits the fan base. "We wanted to do so but it was never going to be simple. Wei Su approach us back in 2015 with the thought to bring EVE to cellular and we sat down and spoke to them. We got to know who they were and found out that this wasn't just any other development team form NetEase. This was the team behind Westward Journey Online 2.

    "Westward Journey Online 2 was a top tier MMO in China for over 18 years and it was created by precisely the exact same group of developers. This team has the experience that they understand how to craft great games that stand the test of time. They even built a mobile variant of the same game that is also extremely popular. We told me a lot about the group and gave us a lot of confidence that they could deliver." As soon as it's easy to throw around the accusation of cash grab at many cellular conversions, it's telling that Wei Su is a hard-core OG EVE player who heads the identical team that originally approached CCP about getting EVE out to a brand new audience. He noticed that,

    "When we began to consider EVE Echoes we want to expand the effect of the EVE universe, bringing it into plenty of new players around the mobile market. Just as much, we wish to undertake the challenge of bringing this new mix of player driven economies and eve isk for sale hard-core PvP space conflicts to mobile gamers. "