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  • It has been a very busy year for the people at CPP Games, and this is the team behind the epic science fiction MMORPG EVE Online and its upcoming mobile game EVE Echoes. This game looks absolutely amazing and has the potential to become a truly special mobile MMORPG. I think EVE Echoes deserves your...
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Evolution In Runescape?

  • During my RS career I have been able to have a good deal of RS gold unique items. How you look literary, I think, greatly influences how folks treat you. By way of example, when I wore full 3rd era at around level 110, I drew a great deal of kids asking how I made money etc.. I just wear a really nubby ugly outfit (Mith series, studded chaps, gold ammy, etc), And that I admitt, I really like it!

    Mainly because I think people perceive me like a nub so they ignore me. Actually the other day I had been sporting the above and that I switched to Full bandos+claws. Point of my babbling, just how do you think... A) Your ensemble influences people comment of you. I personally believe most people ignore me in my new ensemble... Up to judging others, I don't to, however once I see someone in a Tank, or bandos+glory or hell just complete rune+glory I'm tempted to mentally set them in the nub file, even though that isn't the situation.

    Thought about this a little. In Soul Wars, you've the obelisk in the middle, and two graveyards to the side, right? Anyywayyy, the first objective of this game is to acquire your own graveyard to your group: Today your close to the obelisk, the most important part of the game. You try to kill the avatar: Let us say your group wins. Some man reduces ava level to zero through obelisk, then after that, your staff takes the other graveyard:

    Your near the avatar now. Probably what made me wonder that the MOST is now, another team just has the home graveyard: RIGHT NEXT TO THE AVATAR. At a, IDUNNO, PERFECT set to defend it? I understand evolution is mutations eventually leading to the better race/animal: Survival of the fittest. However, it's a bit of the same context. If we believe Gielnorianly (pro word), is not a very great cause -> effect arrangement?

    I was thinking about developing a skiller accounts, after one of these joined a dunging party I was in. While the rest of us were clearing mobs out of chambers, wondering at which the doorway to get our keys were, and generally performing the standard occupation, this lvl 3 skiller went about and, for want of a better word, sucked up every resouce point. At the end of the level, the whole celebration obtained"Beast Mode" name, which states"You exhibited Mod (something)'s stubborness by exhausting every possible source on the way into runescape 2007 gold the boss." So I thought, wow, being a skiller at a dung party convinced has its advantages...