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  • It is worth noting that OSRS gold because all quests provide similar experience in Fishing it may be best to finish them as soon as possible to see the gap. On lower levels, one pursuit can get us through several levels while on greater it will not even give one.This is a very similar way of trainin...
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I need serious advice about RuneScape

  • A few things to notice: I'm a freeplayer, and RuneScape gold I shall be for quite some time (that makes things trickier) I am ambitious; I'll keep myself motivated till I reach my aims (provided that they're logical and efficent) I would be ready to provide any way a try, cause there no harm in trying. Yet another thing, there's definite skills I'd love to train, or I have an easier time coaching with. Those abilities are (in order from;I really want to train it, to"I will eventually get to it;-RRB-

    Magic (I love coaching it). Mining ( I really want to get 70, and possibly 85 someday). Smithing (Very hard, but may be an exceptional source of money ). Combat stats (assault, strength and defense, for my general battle ). Runecrafting (I know its high enough for a F2P accounts, but it makes playing G.O.P. simpler , and is fantastic for cash). Fishing (For using swordie gloves eventually). Ranging (I have nothing against ranging, it's just that it doesn't appeal to me as much). If anybody has methods they'd be willing to talk to a fellow participant, I'd be very grateful.

    Hi once more. I need serious advice about Dragon slayer pursuit. My main acc in the game is Vilnietiz2. I am missing 5 quest points, but can do this together with the Ernest the Chicken. Currently I am f2p individual. The problem is, I'm gonna to do Dragon Slayer. My problem is my fault. I am able to train on quite low enemis. I am able to withstand duel with mountain giants. However, when I experience White knights, I face the problem they do hit me and create sufficient damage (up to 5 hp at one hit). Tried to duel with ice giants (due to their falls ) - the larger problem, they hit very severely.

    So, if enemy that is equivalent to me, causes severe difficulties, meeting with enemy almost twice as powerfull, would be tragedy. This time I won't fail. That's why I need an severe advice. I've got some options: 1) abandon everything but defense. Train defense to Elvarg level (which can be 83). It shouldn't bother me whether my hit will be 10 - when I am invincible to dragon's attack, it is ok. 2) abandon anything however strenght. If my top hit is not 11, but, say, 20 - that I will complete evil dragon sooner and thus save on protection. The top is all 83, although it may take some time. In top?levels (like 80s) I may own cocroaches both due to xp and drop. But what about low level, like poor 50?

    I am likely to pest control into 99 prayer, Which is 43k points. I'M GETTING MY WINGS! But I need assistance! I need to listen to some activites to do while I PC. This is going to take quite a while and I'm making weekly programs (a task while I pc) Ironic... I figure out if I'm gonna PC whilst PCing. I am good at Doing this mindlessly and will just get better at it. Let me hear what you do or what I must do in order to rs gold 2007 keep a sane mind while doing this.