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I'm on the complete opposite side of PSO2

  • Such as an ideal case would be the language option toggles the client-side NPC voices which you hear, while Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta playable personality English AND Japanese voices are just additional alternatives... so ARKS would be bilingual, but it's not like playable character listeners ever say anything helpful to celebration, so I really don't see the harm in it. I imagine that will be a great deal of work for all the tickets. It makes sense to me that they will probably just bring more than the Japanese voices without adding considerably to the English side yet. But even then -- it would be strange for a western import to attract Japanese VO's alone. I'm curious to understand how it all unfolds.

    Possibly something for them to include in Fresh Finds, but that I would not be pleased if these ended up on AC Scratch in NA. Wouldn't this somewhat counter-intuitive to those arguments by diluting the AC Scratch opportunities with VA Tickets?

    The matter is, I'm on the complete opposite side of the spectrum from you in relation to this: voice tickets are the most important cosmetic to me by JP. Just hearing that they aren't absolutely dead in the water leaves me quite happy, but I am still worried about how they make it into the game.

    I believe the problem might be just the differences in markets ; if they are seeking to sell Japanese VA tickets only, then there's likely going to be quite some unpopularity with the addition of them together with AC Scratch. I feel like when they rotated them via Fresh Finds, it could be much less debilitating gacha encounter for everyone. I hate the fact the AC Scratch is less then 1% to items I like right now, and I'd hate to find that plummet because they material more into AC Scratch.

    The SG remark is an older one from the 15th, together with the actual campaign itself being implemented the same day as the scratch. It's very unlikely that the campaign itself (and consequently the remark ) was in response to the True backlash of if the SG scrape was implemented, compared to the rising concerns when seeing the SG swap store being made availabThis way the game has the primary core aspects players expect but is new and fresh at the same time. I think that it's still going to be instanced and cheap PSO2 Meseta not truly open world. Gameplay shown up to now has revealed 8 participant instance maxes.