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Some questions that popped into RuneScape

  • If I were you, I'd purchase the boards and OSRS gold then get the butler to un-note them. I would also use SC hammers. Hello people, I started to play with Fist of Guthix lately and I win even versus a level 50 when I'm 70... but Why? I strike with Fire Blast and hit like 7-8 on people but that I die fast versus very low level. Please guys help me or offer me tips T-T. I hesitated posting this in the section PvP because all the subjects I see you will find for PK.

    I have about 5.5m to spend on gear when I do things. As of today I only do the Barrows. But is there anything else I could solo? Im searching for ANY boss to solo juss to experience fighting supervisors im not looking for insane drops. So far ive done: Barrows and KBD. . Is Giant Mole fun/easy? And is it bloated as it took me awhile to obtain a KBD lair which has been empty.

    ATM I'm training at spiders, I was wondering whether there was anything better I could train at? I would like to get 90 str then train it via slayer so that I can make some cash. Can this strategy good enough? Or if I train it somewhere else. I'd like to be able to afk the monster too, like I could with spiders. Also, is this a good set up or if I train in something else? Alright so I dont know much about the barrows things in regards to placing them into a gear setup. . And I sort of want as a part of it juss to have it. If anyone can help me put atleast ONE barrow thing in my range/melee installation itd be appreciated,or whether it may be used it both that can be great too.

    Only some questions that popped into my mind yesterday while skilling. Falador party room - This is probably a very old update I missed but... remember when all the bankers in RS would announce that a drop party was going to happen? This was done to prevent folks from"covertly" using the celebration room to swap things. Considering that the bankers no more announce drop parties, how is thing trading prevented in the party area? It occurs from the two party area worlds.

    GE Spirit Tree - Can there be a quest or something which allows the GE spirit tree to tele one other areas aside from the Tree Gnome Village? Just curious because many occasions I happened to utilize the tree in the same time as many others, I went into buy 2007 runescape gold Tree Gnome Village, however the other peeps never showed up there, I guessed they should have gone somewhere else. No idea, maybe they were rather fast?