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  • Assuming you are familiar with basketball, the 2K MT, and gambling, you'll know about 2K's most up-to-date launch NBA 2K21 and probably already have a copy. Together with all the licensing, the contract with the NBA, a growing eSports scene, along with an amazing variety of endorsement deals, there'...
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Randoms provides you the chance to RuneScape

  • Randoms also provides you the chance to meet a lot of new people and RS gold make friends with all the individuals that are proficient at dung and you also get on well with. After a while, you should have enough friends who train dung that you can get together a group relatively easily, often with 1 or 2 2 randoms, sometimes with not one. As for me, I really do dung with friends a lot, but I would rather use randoms too as I can make confident that there will always (or almost always) be more randoms online. This means I do not need to schedule my training around other people.

    I'd really advise getting 70 attack, strength, defence, range and mage before attempting barrows. You do not need that, just 70 mage and 50 triumphed to get a MSB or merely mithril bolts in Zanik's C'bow. It works for me. Although I've got better stats now. If you do that however you'll want a canifis portal on your house which will require completion of DT (also it's going require slgihtly more time to get there, however, whatever).

    You don't have to do DT, but it is a fun quest and you're going to want it done earlier or afterwards, and doing it now would be helpful. As you do not need afterward, 70 att,def,str,array and mage would help greatly. Magic dart is a great one... You really, really, really don't need them. Barrows runs work fine without them. I'm positive that 70 defence might help a bit, but if you are utilizing ice magics, you never need to melee anyway. At all. Karil gets ruined by magic and ahrim is just a little slow to range.

    Admittedly I do not normally do more than 1 run a time, but that is because I can't get out of the maze. (This was before I obtained some of the levels you describe). I know I could do two or even 3 runs at a stretch. 70 defence is quite very very useful with blitz into sally, which is among the greatest methods(if you don't have access to turm/chaotics etc ). Attack and strength speed up ahrim, however isn't essential and 70 mage is a minimal, 82 is much better.

    And that is my current set up: Sacred Clay Helm, Granite body, Dragon Platelegs, Amulet of Glory, Ring of riches, Obsidian cape, Dragon longsword, obsidian sheild/Mithril guardian. I have around 1 mil to update my armour/ wep. Note: I need the exp so I wont change the helmet. I have not done the freminik quests . Going to change the black boots to dragon boots after I get a few extra 100ks. Have not done monkey madness. Im trying to OSRS buy gold become dragon guardian btw... Any advice will be cool.