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I haven't really played Runescape in more than 6 years

  • Hey, I haven't really played Runescape in more than 6 years, not since I was an addicted, brain-washed child. My account had been hacked because of rs gold 2007 me being a ridiculous novice at working emails, being unable to identify a phishing email from an actual one, but that is is irrelevant; I lost control of my accounts is what matters. At the time, I was moving onto games such as World of Warcraft, and as such, I had little incentive to invest in restoring my accounts. And so I didn't, I made it to the hacker.

    Some 6 decades after, better known as last week, I decided to reinvestigate Runescape, and determine how it's changed because I played it at 2007. Furthermore, I decided to regain my account; a very simple task considering I had overwhelming evidence surrounding the initial 2 years of this accounts. Within a few emails, Jagex determined I was the person who owns the account. When I left off, my account wasn't that awesome, it had a couple thousand, a few pieces of barrows armour plus a few random parts of armour and weaponry, and normally a bank full of junk and quest items,along with moderate level stats, involving level 40 and 90.

    Once I was putting my email to my accounts, setting up healing questions and that JAG protector item, composing new passwords, I had been contemplating what my account would look like once I logged . Well, I was expecting nothing, actually. The very same stats, but with a vacant bank, drained by what I believed would have been gp-sellers.

    Well, I could not have been more wrong. I logged in an account with exceptional riches. Roughly half the skills were 99, and all them were over level 80. I have not even obtained (my?) Bank yet due it using a pin, but the prosperity of what the character was wearing alone was 544 million. This included a"drygore" weapon, amongst other pieces of equipment.

    Today, I have no clue what to do. I understand it was my accounts originally, and that I was the person who started it and saw it through it to level 100 battle, but the thought that some man, however he managed to receive my accounts, put much time and effort to the account, likely more than what I ever did, is devastating, and it makes me feel quite guilty for recovering my accounts out of cheap RuneScape gold curiosity. So, eer, even if you're still reading, have you got some hints?