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Star Wars: The Old Republic is ushering in a new galactic seaso

  • By adding a system to Star Wars: The Old Republic in the MMORPG, BioWare appears to be entering the Battle Pass operation. The system is called Galactic Seasons and can effectively operate like battle passes in other games. There are two layers for players to unlock while playing the game.

    The SWTOR team has detailed the new system in blog posts and Twitch streams, and pointed out that the new system will last about 5 months, giving players enough time to unlock all internal rewards. Players can unlock two different tracks this season, one for each player regardless of their subscription status, and the other specifically for players who have actively subscribed to the MMO.

    Yes, this is a battle pass. In fact, if you unlock the track as a free player and then decide to subscribe, then you will get all the SWTOR Credits from the subscriber level of the Galaxy Season Rewards System.

    BioWare also announced the next content update in today's live broadcast, namely 6.3: Dark Blood, showing the next flash point, which is "Secrets of the Enclave". According to BioWare, players will travel to the Jedi enclave on Dantooine.

    You can check the information stream at IGGM for more detailed information about Buy SWTOR Credits, including an interview with Aryn Leneer's voice actor, who will be in the upcoming Flashpoint Repulic track Travel with the player.