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Madden 21 makes player transactions fairer and easier to unders

  • EA is releasing another update for Madden NFL 21's franchise model, thereby changing the way players trade work to make it fairer and more realistic.

    EA plans to release a new update for Madden NFL 21, which will solve another long-term problem in the franchise model, making player transactions easier to understand and more realistic. Since its launch last year, the latest version of the Madden 21 Coins has been welcomed by critics and fans. Some people even called for the NFL to abandon EA and let another company take charge of the video game adaptation because of the lack of improvement in the series in the past few years.

    This is not the first time EA has released an update to improve the franchise format in Madden 21. After fan feedback and criticism, the developer has made several major changes to the signature game mode. Many users think that the latest version is not only unable to update the previous version but it also lacks the necessary functions. So far, EA has changed the QB draft logic to make the defender's draft more realistic and allows users to add X factors and special effects to their team members.

    The final update of the Madden 21 franchise layout will go on sale today, and EA detailed how it will simplify the trading process for players and make it fair to users. The main change lies in the player trading logic used in the game. Previously, star ratings were based on the depth of the current team’s depth map. However, changes to the system mean that they will make a valuable assessment based on the value of the team being traded.

    In general, EA pointed out that these changes will make Madden 21 "based on years of changes in the understanding of "real" transactions", so that the value of players takes into account the applicability of Buy Madden 21 Coins. And it's closer to what we see in real life.