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    Đăng bởi Steve Rogers
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Where I Receive The Khazard Armour

  • When I reach jad about HOW MANY SARAS and SUPERS is good to RuneScape gold have abandoned? And while fighting jad is important to look his feet or listen to noise? I have 70 prayer btw. Utilizing broads +diamonds for later in inventory. Because I havent been to jad I cant actually answer inquiries about him quite effectivly, but I'd imagine that you should look at his feet and listen to audio, its not so hard to do both at the same time;)

    So far as the 90's go, if they're alone (with no level 360 I mean) you ought to pray shield from variety against them, but whenever there is a level 360 out, you should always be shielding from mage no matter what else there is, rangers or not. This becomes an issue from the 360-180-90-90 tide but if you brew up before then, you ought to do ok.

    It might be that youre simply not utilizing prayer effectively, I attempted the struggle caves this evening, died at tide 58 but by that time I had 4 brews and 9 restores. In addition, I have 70 pray, and reduced defence and considerably lower ranged compared to you.

    Even if you can find other things like a 360, or a 180 or the 90's you should always, always, ALWAYS kill the Warriors first. They drain your prayer with every hit and even though they may not appear so dangerous they charge Buy old school rs gold you a good deal of restores in the long run.