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    Đăng bởi Steve Rogers
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It Is Okay To Be Excited For It

  • They're copying nfl street, which pre-dates any of the shit you're talking about. Look at all of that Madden 21 coins customization that won't be at Franchise. I'm confused so depending on the prototypes they've does that mean we can't select precisely the kind player we want? I wanna be a WR/Safety but that's not an option on this particular list so does this mean I would have to earn a QB/Safety but line up at WR on offense cause that makes no sense. Wel you could probably play WR/CB and line up at safety which gives you a better fit. But you can also tune your skills and stats to perform just like wherever you lineup. Absolutely disgusting. Will not be enough for me to buy but I like this addition. Folks have been asking for this because NFL Street. Not the exact same style but folks have been asking for this kind of game for awhile.

    I dont disagree with Buy Mut 21 coins that, but year in and year out individuals request advancement to franchise, so im sure a great 90% of their fan base will be inclined to sacrifice non-sense game-modes like The Yard, Superstar KO, and Longshot for a decent franchise improvments. Oh absoulutely. I appreciate the fantastic thoughts but you would think they would work to make the foundation manners better instead of merely including a ton of different manners just because they could. I truly wish Longshot wasn't a thing. They don't need two shitty versions bundled into a single game. Do not forget that r/Madden represents a small minority of the total Madden participant population, and just making things that people ask for straight is a bad approach to innovate. I appreciate your perspective! Been waiting to get a group play mode that does not require countless hours of grinding since Madden 12. Talk for yourself.