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    Not all teams are created equal in Madden 21, and so is the script. Outside of the game, there will definitely be coaches who are more creative, intuitive, and better than others.New England Patriots: It is not surprising that the Patriots are on this list. It is one of the best NFL teams every year...
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If You Want To Switch Between Range/Melee/Mage

  • Do you already have bunyip/unicorn? Saradomin Godsword is not required for slaying... Much like Bandos armour. Why use Bandos if Barrows armour has better defence? +2 prayer and +6 strength barely justifies the exorbitant price I reckon. Not much you may change really... Unless you wan na na purchase Dragon Claws to get a unique attack weapon or something... Which RS gold is kind of useless too because you can replace that with a Dragon Dagger P++/Improved Excalibur... Zamorakian Spear to get Waterfiends tasks if you buy them...?

    As of now, I am at level 68 combat, which is a small reduced to conquer 2 level 100 dagganoths. I was wondering what the best setup would be for me to really go about the final battle. Im planning to use the greatest potential mage strikes I can, but I need to understand the best setup I could use and also make it out of this struggle alive and it has to be cheap, I'm somewhat tight on money. Thank you Beforehand. Im also considering bringing sharks as food. Im probably not going to beg much, and im going to be mostly maging. Because when there is, I think I will probably only do this. (that's exactly what I did for missing town )

    I do not feel that there's a safespot (you will have to double check). I did it about precisely the same battle level as possible, mind you I had Protection Prayers. The very first Dagganoth is Old school runescape gold rather simple, so just melee him. If you happen to have Void Armour (from Pest Control) that would be exceedingly useful. Protection Prayers are also quite useful, though it might cost you close to 1m to reach 43 Prayer. The battle aganst the second Dagganoth will be quite demanding, so try to incorporate if you want to change between Range/Melee/Mage.