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  • We have found it in PUBG and fortnite. It is possible to make lots of money through cosmetics. It's just perfect, this should be exactly the exact same in echoes. I will likely even throw a few dollars into EVE Mobile ISK their accounts for a number of makeup I don't care about, just for the sake of it, encouraging the devs and for their business model. Otherwise I am out, just like 85% of us I believe.

    I truly hope also. But funnily, as much as I bought skins in Fortnite because you essentially see you personality all the time in your screen (and others view it), in EVE I absolutely don't see know skins. I really don't find any ship anyway, because I play with camera in max distance, or too far to not see ships. And that's the only way to have a fantastic match awareness.But I would be eager to buy my subscription every month with actual world money.What about this though. Cosmetic weapon affects. Cosmetic nos streams. Go fucking nuts on the cosmetics(I will not buy them, but all of us know folks who will). This, I'd adore. I would happily equip them and turn distance into fabulousness.

    In all seriousness, if it is visible and makes graphics more intriguing (not actually rainbow but cool effects), I'd probably buy to encourage the game.Or significantly more readily via IRL cash versus in-game money/farming, I will cancel my omega and uninstall the game.Don't they do this though? I'm fairly certain that Buy EVE Echoes ISK you can purchase much AUR because you want, convert it to PLEX in 1:1, covert PLEX to ISK at market rate, and purchase whatever is on the market without farming for one minute.