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I have lost a complete fortune on them

  • I wanna team corp and test out GwD, what levels would you think RuneScape gold I should get, before trying tho? I also need advise on what I should consider in inventory, and equip... I want to do corp the maximum btw... Also how many 100+ cb people have to I go with? For GWD dung using a team you should have 80+'s however that using a clan on the larger side (Maybe more then 7 people with a tank?) . And I'm not sure about the regular gear but I'd try out this (Someone right ).

    Howdy-hey! Your friendly neighborhood rawrgoyle simply dropping in for a greeting card, to blather on, stuff like this. Um, out of just a typical"WELCOME!" I guess I don't have much to add on. I mention that the Task system in threads such as these. Doing the Easy/Medium place in Lumbridge/Draynor doesn't require a hefty number of abilities, and you're able to get a decent amount of money from doing this!

    Someone will likely fix me on this figure, but I think it's around 30k? Perhaps more, but definitely not less. Add me in-game! Wonderful meeting you! Really like the username.

    Second time needing to type this Rs3 gold post, since my damn netbook mouse created me accidentally delete my article. Therefore, to sum up what I said: Stronghold of Security/Stronghold of Player Security.