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  • In the final match of the 1967 season, the Tigers played The show 21 stubs with a one-game playoff against the Red Sox for the pennant. McLain was awarded the ball, but pitched ineffectively, with previously claimed that his left foot was severely hurt after stubbing his toes when his foot fell asleep. The Tigers dropped and thus overlooked the playoffs.In May 1968, McLain whined about Detroit's fans, saying that they helped shed the pennant for them the previous year. These remarks came out following McLain's fourth straight CG victory. He had been quoted:"If they think we are dumb for playing this game, how stupid are they for watching us?

    The Tigers lost the past two games of McLain's season, either by scores of 1-2. After the series, McLain stated to the media:"I would not exchange one Bob Gibson for twelve Mickey Loliches. "He was featured on the front cover of TIME magazine in 1968. He won his second consecutive Cy Young Award the following season in 1969. McLain was also a frequent guest on talk shows and played Vegas performances as an organist, including to his Cheap MLB The Show 21 Stubs already-ridiculous major-league wages, and became the richest, and most famous, man in baseball.