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If you do commerce ur ring will come un function

  • When they did that they would be breaking the OSRS gold multiple logging in rule, and two people with the same IP address can't log on to the identical world so it would be very hard to do what you're saying. Dip trading is against the rules, and people still do it. Much like bypassing the conversation filter, how is this different? Notice how I mentioned different computers. Additionally, 1/4 of 30,000 = 7,500 * 7 = 52,500 exp a week....and that is just per high level personality...

    Okay, I've thought of an idea that could make it easier for people to transport approximately Runescape: A horse and carriage. I mean, wouldn't it be cool, riding a horse around RS instead of playing some crap toy horse (could be rather entertaining sometimes) I am still at the first stages of this idea and theres more to come. So far I have only thought of this carriage, the way this would work and how to receive one.

    The horse and the way that it could be incorperated into the match remains in thought. Will be submitted as soon as it is thought of. Carriage. Ok, the general idea with Runescape 2107 gold this is that it can save your items whilst you are travelling about runescape. I guess you can get two or three inventories in similar or there. This would make it simpler to transport larger amounts of items.