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  • Would the fact that you lost like 5k in supplies only then alter the economy? I do not rly mean from scratch, I mean starting with things at the start of G.E trade. The RuneScape gold players on survival worlds, will help form, or assist reestablish the isolated worlds market.

    Folks could say:"oh this marketed so fast, I bet some dude from survival worlds brought it." They'd prolly be correct. This world would become an whole nation, with everything someone does affecting something different items exclusive to PvP worlds, such as tent poles and seats, wouuld go on the Ge. True Bounty Hunting- a concept from blackxp...

    Well, you cant obviously set one in any respect. Otherwise the best leveled character could never set foot in a PvP world. You must have been killed by that player, and you need to place the bounty on his mind until you exit the death display. Secondly, how much? Well this is obviously due to RWT, and according to your trade limitation. You take the reduce maximum trade limit involving the figures. So if you get killed by a level 3 with 0 quest points, then you can just place a 3k bounty maximum on that participant. If you are both max quest points then around 60k if I believe right.

    The next part of the system, is picking up a school job and completing it. Here I explain a possible system. Third, the way to pick up bounties? You would get an npc in major hot-spot locations for PvP So perhaps in Varrock or Falador near a safespot Buy 2007 runescape gold on the outskirts of the town or at the bank.