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The Grid was the primary showing for North America for RLCSX

  • RLCSX is chock filled with upsets
    Team BDS’s win isn't the sole unexpected outcome. the whole tournament has been one with surprises and upsets. Not only are Team BDS fresh debutants within the RLCS after winning within the lower division of RLRS last season, but established teams like Team Liquid and Oxygen were eliminated in Stage 1.

    Even Stage 2 proved an excessive amount of for a few of the veterans; FC Barcelona and Endpoint bit the dust among the ultimate 16 teams. Meanwhile, RLCS veteran and former world champion Marius “gReazymeister” Ranheim came out of a short-lived retirement to team with two relatively unknown players in Sergio “AtomiK” Pérez Cortés and Raúl “DmentZa” Palazuelos. The trio went on to succeed in top four, beating the likes of Oxygen, Team BDS, and Guild Esports.

    Week one among The Grid
    Alongside the primary EU Regional was The Grid. within the weekly $10K tournament that also awards a wildcard spot for the autumn Split Major, the underdogs once more proved victorious. Triple Trouble, who led to sixth place of the RLRS last season, took first place, showing the planet they’re not down and out yet.

    Across the pond www.lolga.com, The Grid was the primary showing for North America for RLCSX, and things went a touch less crazy over there. SpaceStation Gaming took first place over runners-up Team Envy and appearance good going into next week.

    North America arising next
    The RLCSX EU Regional 1 was just the primary of the many events before the planet championship Rocket League Credits. Next week, it’s North America’s address crown its first victor. With numerous new players getting an opportunity to prove themselves against the large dogs, it’s looking to be an exciting season indeed.