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  • It has been a very busy year for the people at CPP Games, and this is the team behind the epic science fiction MMORPG EVE Online and its upcoming mobile game EVE Echoes. This game looks absolutely amazing and has the potential to become a truly special mobile MMORPG. I think EVE Echoes deserves your...
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Rocket League is expanding the variability of free items

    Rocket League is expanding the variability of free items players can receive with liberal to play. Drops can contain items from Blueprint (or previous Crate) Series, including everything from Champions 1 Series all the thanks to Vindicator Series. this suggests you'll get Zomba Wheels, Dueling Dragons Goal Explosions, Heatwave Decals, then far more .

    Free items earned from Challenges and Drops can still be traded in following the update (trade in five items for one item of upper rarity). Free items you receive after liberal to play won't be linked to a selected series, and these things can all be traded in together as long as they share an equivalent rarity.

    Because you'll receive numerous new items from Trade-Ins, current items will naturally appear less often Rocket League Credits . So, if there are specific items from that group that you simply are trying to find , say, a Titanium White Octane, make certain to trade your items before the launch of liberal to play.

    Players learning Rocket League for the primary time will see New Driver Challenges in their Challenge Menu. this is often how new players will unlock items that were included within the base game before going liberal to play Buy Rocket League Credits. New accounts will only have access to Octane, Breakout, and Merc to start out , but New Driver Challenges will expand their garage and unlock a number of the common cars and items that were already unlocked within the paid version of Rocket League. Complete the New Driver Challenges or reach Level 20 to realize access to Weekly Challenges.