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  • EVE Echoes is the product of the strategic partnership between NetEase and CCP, marking a new derivative product of IP. After experiencing the online gaming storm, it is surging again. Driven by the love for EVE and an experienced team at NetEase, EVE Echoes has squeezed out all the excitement facto...
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The U.S. uses social security numbers as personal identity veri

  • The United States does not have an ID system, and the United States uses social security numbers as ids card personal identification verification.In the United States, the Social Security Number (SSN) is a nine-digit number issued to citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents. According to the social security card record in Article 205, paragraph 2 of the "Social Security Law", this set of numbers has become a de facto national identification number.In fact, this set of numbers was originally used to track Scannable Fake ID personal income and expenditure accounts in social security programs. Although repeated login errors occasionally occur, the social security number has become a personal ID in the United States. Many employment (work), health, education, and credit records use social security numbers as the basis for indexing, and the US military also uses social security numbers as soldiers’ ID numbers.