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Players also can down load custom apparel designs

  • Other Cartoon Network characters inhabit the island as properly, along with Animal Crossing Items for Sale  Beast Boy and Raven from Teen Titans. Outside of the Adventure Time house, there's a Steven Universe themed boardwalk.


    Players also can down load custom apparel designs including the Cartoon Network t-shirt, Pure Heart hat, Big Donut blouse, and We Bare Bears hoodie. Outside of these few attractions, there isn't always tons to the Cartoon Network island, however it could be a completely unique way to kill a few minutes of spare time in the course of an in any other case stupid Halloween.


    These branded islands are a pretty cool experience, and that they experience extra special than if a fan had created an Adventure Time island. While there are masses of talented Animal Crossing: New Horizons designers, having Cartoon Network produce its very own island feels as if the player is truely touring the ones characters. Players who don't have plans this Halloween can hop on over to Animal Crossing Items  CN Island and enjoy some great time with Finn, Steven, and the Teen Titans.