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  • It is worth noting that OSRS gold because all quests provide similar experience in Fishing it may be best to finish them as soon as possible to see the gap. On lower levels, one pursuit can get us through several levels while on greater it will not even give one.This is a very similar way of trainin...
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41 Mage... will be utilizing Fire Bolt so I need to be able to

  • I would like to get one of the four Godswords. I'd be using it on monsters only since I have never pvp'd and don't plan too. My att, str, and RS gold def are 85 (for different stats, visit my profile for connection ). They are all the exact same speed, right? That may bring in about a little over 10 million. I could catch up to a 5 thousand or so selling odds and ends, likely. Armadyl is overly expensive.

    Zamorak and Bandos have a special that I don't care about (so to me, they're equivalent ), and Zamorak is more expensive, so that out one. Saradomin Godsword includes a useful unique (it functions against monsters, right?) , I simply don't know whether it's worth the extra amount for it. Bandos is around 20 million and Saradomin is around 50 million. Can anybody tell me about the Sara unique? How much of the pub does it take? Can it be used to get back a fair amount of health? It states it has back at 10, but I'd assume it would frequently be a bit higher. I am simply not sure if the 30 million extra is worth it.

    If you want to sink most of your cash into one, definitely get the SGS. You can get two specs per bar, and if you use piety during this time then it can cure quite a lot (Prayer points and Hitpoints) and I discovered each spec averaged to restore a bit more than a shark. However, it is not completely trustworthy and you will probably still have to bring some food, just not as far as you would have before. The BGS has it's own perks also, but not quite as good if you're only training on a normal monster.

    Cooked Swordfish minus Raw Swordfish equals 25gp, thus meaning that I shall just lose 25gp each Swordfish I cook. So figuring I want to cook 12,490 Swordfish to go from 86-90 Cooking, it will cost me just 312,250 because 12,490*25 equals that. My 3rd measure will be cooking Monkfish from 90-94 Cooking. The gap between Cooked Monkfish and Raw Monkfish equals 48gp so cooking 17,322 for 94 Cooking will shed me 831,456gp. My last step is Sharks from 94-99. They're a 46gp difference so cooking 24,238 will only shed me 1,114,948. Please tell me if I calculated this particular right.

    41 Mage... will be utilizing Fire Bolt so I need to be able to hit around 15ish. With the safe place I should be good against the tree spirit right? What im contribute to fight the tree spirit on entrana. So yes this does mean I'll be using Mage AND Range. Thats possible right? correct me if im wrong. And shud I juss buy inexpensive wizard robes and not risk my mystic robes?

    Today I wanted to make a new Runescape accounts, and that I wanted to have something related to the phrase"blaze." So I type in a bunch of things (Blaze Life, Blaze Soul, and even Blaze Mover) and none of cheap OSRS gold these worked. It got suspicious when I started to bring some, because that did not work either. Then I just clicked the word"blaze" and then something random like"t32wy4" and STILL did not get the job done. So maybe Jagex will not let people have the word"Blaze" in their username, or is it a bug?