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In a shocking reversal in the polls of fans

  • Madden NFL 22 launches August 20 on Google Stadia and mut coins madden 22 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC. The cover stars are quarterbacks of last season's Super Bowl -- Tampa Bay's Tom Brady and Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes, both of who have received Madden covers before (Brady for Madden NFL 18, Mahomes for Madden NFL 20). The new features, which include Next-Gen Stats, home field advantages, game day moods and presentations, will not be available for PC or consoles that are older.

    Two G.O.A.T.s - Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady share the 'Madden NFL 22' cover

    While Tom Brady failed to pass the torch to Patrick Mahomes, he did encounter a future cover star.

    Brady and Mahomes will share the front cover of Madden NFL 22, EA Sports announced on Thursday just a little over a year after the two players fought on the largest stage of the game.

    EA Sports teased this pairing with a video posted on Monday with Peyton Hillis, a former Browns running back, and Madden NFL cover player. Hillis appears to be taking a knee beside the goats while talking over the phone with an unidentified person, saying "they have done it again."

    EA Sports introduced a new feature that had never been done for two generations of consoles. It's been a decade now since Hillis was featured on Madden NFL Series' annual entry. And it's even longer since there was a dual-athlete cover.

    Madden hasn’t seen two athletes share the space that makes up the game's cover since Madden NFL 10. It was the year that Steelers safety Troy Polumalu and Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald appeared on the front. They were posing as if they were in the process of colliding. This was the ideal choice for the game, built around a brand new system that allowed players to battle for loose balls and compete for additional yards, or inches that usually determine the result of a game.

    In a shocking reversal in the polls of fans, Hillis was chosen to serve as the cover for Madden NFL 12 two years later. EA picked him as the perfect pitch man in its teaser trailer, which debuted on Monday, and the thinly veiled messaging was clear by Thursday: Hillis' goats were merely stands-ins for two G.O.A.T.s.

    The pairing of Brady and Mahomes is only natural because it follows the footsteps of Super Bowl LV's game that saw Brady's Buccaneers defeat Mahomes' Chiefs, and it is perhaps the most prestigious match of all Madden history. Brady will surely be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the event that he chooses to shed his extraordinary shoes, and with buy Madden nfl 22 coins a Super Bowl triumph and Super Bowl MVP in his resume in the early stages of his career Mahomes very well could be heading towards Canton one day, too.