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  • I have watched a movie on it yesterday, and while it's not the worst, it can definitely be looked at p2w. The streamer I saw said he knows people who buy the conflict pass along with levels on multiple accounts for aion classic kinah more of it. Buy tbh I am really not thay bothered, as long as...
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You can still afk travel

  • You can still afk travel, not into nullsec. I dont see everywhere it had been advertised that you ought to be safe traveling through nullsec.I have nothing but respect to EVE Mobile ISK the Golden Horde- damn- that they have some nasty things like - using a stealth bomber on our flank and setting it up as an anchor so they can attack us in multiple directions. - I simply don't understand how some folks are so salty about that - why not produce a content more massive than this and establish shh incorrect about this being an epic struggle.

    You can't hear the haters. Additionally, there are a great deal of good folks posting gfs and other type words.Agree. I am at the GH and has a great deal of fun. Many thanks, and even more so to be sterile and respectful.GH member here, that was a great fight by both sides everyone battled hard and used what they had to achieve fantastic things so props to everyone who was there.

    As for the men and women in the comments crying about kills, who cares frankly its not about that. Just be happy both sides had achieved something in one way or another. IMO yes SHH was extremely well organized and Cheap EVE Echoes ISK because of that had more kills than us, albeit the majority of those kills were likely newcomers in their destroyers xD But none the less they soundly beat us about that.