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  • It is worth noting that OSRS gold because all quests provide similar experience in Fishing it may be best to finish them as soon as possible to see the gap. On lower levels, one pursuit can get us through several levels while on greater it will not even give one.This is a very similar way of trainin...
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There is no altar there

  • Change ammy of glory by game necklace and use dueling ring and RS gold modify the gloves by forinthry brace. If u will cannon u don't really need any p bud or anything but as u said ur entire bank is about 1m so cannoning won't be good for you then u can utilize the anti aging drag shield, and anti flame pots and don't need any de pots. For your drag dagger u can change it with drag scimmy if u performed fighter insanity. And cannoning is much better if u could afford it bu the cannon is similar to 600k and u also need balls for this and ur bank is 500k-1m so u will want t sell some of ur stuf.

    Utilize the dueli ring to tele to castle wars and recharge ur points.ten utilize the game neck to tele to bounty huter or clan wars sinc that they a te closest tele to most of the green drags spots.and have fun. Forinthry brace? Good idea, I hadn't thought of this. I will continue to keep the glory for crisis teleports simply as it can teleport up to wilderness level 30, rather than normal jewellery (20). I might use the cannon when I create another million. I'll utilize the dragon scimitar.

    Why do I need to teleport into Castle Wars? There is no altar there... if anything I would be better with my house? Ik ammy of glory tle into lvl 30 wildy but game necklace teleport into clan wars which's near the green drags place I was talking about and it would be betterto kill greens in lvls 25- wildy since any lvls higher will be fairly common wit revs and it will b so annoying so u don't actually need ammy of buy osrs gold safe glory.tele to castle wars to recharge ur summoning points (just if u use bob (bull ant in ur lv))