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You are able to bind one weapon

  • The storyline to this skill is that you are trying to RuneScape gold find out what's beneath the large spooky castle. A while ago, an amazing energy sailed through runescape (it was a large real life event, players were lifted up briefly and a red light beamed onto everyone). Your intent is to travel to the lowest depths of the dungeons under the castle. . .all the way to floor 60...and uncover the origin of the odd power.

    Some quick basics for you to know today: Floor: You can do more flooring as your level gets higher. The lower the floor, the better your experience gained. Complexity: How many skills your floor includes. The more complicated, the more experience. Prestige: A mechanic that provides one mroe xp for carrying the floors in order than just doing constant high level flooring. Beginning room: the area you start in with all essential amenities, some meals, and a store with nearly everything you may need. But it costs a bit.

    Binds: You are able to bind one weapon or peice of armour, and buy OSRS gold also runes or arrows (up to 125 of them). The number of bindable weapons/armour increases as the level goes up. Guardian doorways: you can just open these once you have defeated all critters in the room. Skill doors: you will need a certain skill level to start these. Puzzle room: like it says, a mystery. If you are stuck, look for a dungeoneering manual on the internet. They list each of the puzzles. Death: reduces your experience by a reasonable chunk. Seriously, don't die. Nawt kewl. I hope that helps!