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    Đăng bởi Steve Rogers
    Pills are diet-free supplements   If this was true then there was no need to take the pills. Anyone can easily control their diet, even without taking any pills. But in most cases, you may not lose excess body weight. If you integrate pills and a diet routine, then it works magic.   Th...
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Torag is much better

  • A good def againest rrange armour (such as torag) -Nez helm, D'hide top and torags legs is fine. Sharks or food with superb pots - Rocktails would be best, and if you can, extremes/ovls. On scape-xp calc it states it will be around 102 especially I have stats close to this and I'm in 106 or even 105 I don't really remeber. U need to OSRS gold go into the hp lvl tho and several teams will accept 100+

    Torag is much better. I said better or sharks u do not have to have stone tails and this is the same for super pots u don't have to get the lvl to earn extremes or ovls. Off topic: I am not wanting to be rude or anything but the person who has the article up the article replayed on said exactly the exact same thing as me u did not replay on him really should stop this cause that the ss vs. Whip topic were closed. And u know what is I am referring to...

    Okay dokie, I'm having trouble at TDS. I went some time ago, and I kinda got ~1-3 kills per trip. I really don't have any chaotic weapons, also I've karils, all 3 emptiness (no more deflector, I fail at conquest), whip, torso, verac's skirt, dragon def, korasi's sword. No more bandos or armadyl. Can anyone recommend a good set up, or cheap RuneScape gold a good manual that deals with my stats/gear?