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You're doing better than me

    If this was posted earlier, I apologize for MLB The Show 21 Stubs the double post. If anyone has any additional ideas or opinions, I'd really like to hear them.Background on me: I would consider myself a casual Show participant who plays a couple of hours each night 3-4 days a week. I have been a fan of The Show for as long as it has been around and I love that they always seem to improve something every year. I can only hope this new game style will get a touch up until it has Sophomore entrance in MLB The Show 21.

    I like this- I also think there ought to be TA vouchers got at every mini boss. Therefore it isn't all or only after a hour and half of work.The issue with this is that people will only do the initial and/or second mini boss and resume for the quickest method to grind affinity coupons.

    Would it be the speediest if it had been 1 voucher/2 vouchers/5vouchers? You would have to play through each of these twice to coincide with the final rewards. Plus the final reward stacked on another two could be enormous. I really do see what you are saying though and I agree it might be a problem. It was just an idea.Sure, that'd be better. People will do whatever is most effective and easy.The idea is it's hard, not everybody is assume to get all the cards.Yeah, and the people that win/are better would still get them in an exponentially faster rate. This would not change that lmao.

    You're doing better than me. I'm 0-5 and only made it to the closing once.I'd love to add 1 item. If they will have you get a certain number of hits, it would be nice if the pitcher you're confronting does not throw 8 directly balls.Agreed! So annoying when you get actually NOTHING to strike andn the match requires strikes.

    While I dont locate showdown hard (80% success rate approximately ) I will say this, losing into a miniboss=losing the whole showdown run is B.S. a much more fitting and less discouraging punishment would be losing all your runs for MLB the show stubs 21 the final boss. Meaning you had 3 runs prior to the mini boss but lost it? Down to zero. Its a fitting punishment which you can recover from in the last few missions before the final boss.