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You have heard correctly

  • You have heard correctly. The item you're looking for RS gold is known as a"Bond." Therefore, in the event that you're able to make 500,000 coins daily, then this ought to be easy to sustain.

    With Defence resets, double XP weekend, and the ironman manner all coming up, I'm unsure what I actually need to do with this account. I have a target for untrim slay and that is still moving, but what to do after that? Can I truly need to max out another account? That's the path I seem to be heading toward but I'm not positive whether that is a fantastic idea.

    This account was never correctly built to be a pure, but my battle stats do follow a specific plan.With 90 Attack, I am in a position to wield the highest tier weapons, also 42 Str provides me access into the Berserk ability. Due to the way combat is figured now, the combat levels I get out of melee are equivalent to having just level 66 Mage or Range.

    However, strength is rather a little more significant because the release of"Combat Improvements" and I can have trouble landing KOs, which I discovered when I was practicing pvp against Leo. 50 Defence provides me access to the cheapest Electricity armour, which is Rockshell/Spined/Skeletal. 67 Summoning is for a Tortoise but I never have a use for this.Bind Law runes until you discover a Celestial surgebox (from top level Forgotten Mages. It looks like a tiny silver box wielded within their off-hand). Once you find a surge box, create sufficient runes for 125 air surges, and put it in the box, then bind it. But when you equip the surgebox, you will have the ability to throw 125 air surges. That's the most I can think of, if you've any questions PM me on Sals.

    It resembles the battle thing is creating the sport more like WoW. . ? That isn't actually a terrible thing Imo. What I'd enjoy would be a dungeon system like wow using a healer, tank, dps etc.. That is way too much. The EoC as it is is good enough to find RS from its dead combat mechanisms. You have definitely never PvP'd... To be honest EoC IMO is not good or bad, I guess it will get rid of buy OSRS gold bots though, which is great.